In this moment of difficulty, division and confusion I get urgently called to join my people, the People of Israel, the Nation of the descendants of Avraham, Isaac and Jacob: Amen, Baruch Hashem.

As I have already said in several writings, I have done, since a long time, all the necessary steps.

My circumcision took place in Milan in 1986. In the operating room, there were two Rabbis in addition to the two surgeons (one Jewish and the other Christian), the circumcision testified by Solly Khamagi, an Orthodox Jew from Milan. A few days later I entered under the Tallit, along with Solly who attended it, into the Synagogue of Via Della Guastalla, while a pupil of the Morè Haim Wenna stands to recite for me, before Rav Laras, the passage of Isaiah 61 in Hebrew.

The immersion was made into the Rivers Adda, Ticino and Bradano; witnessed by several people.

The slaughtering of the lamb, made in Genzano di Lucania, is witnessed by Domenico Lamastra.

Moreover, I was anointed: this was made on me by a Lubavitch Rabbi who placed seventy stones at my feet and made me stand on the skin of a kid who had been sanctified on the tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. There are several documents of this Rabbi, wrote of his own hand, attesting my circumcision and other moments such as my conversion to the Universal Synagogue of September 1986.

During the seven years I studied with the Jewish group in Milan, my application for conversion to Judaism was formulated; at first, I was even unaware of it, even if that was my intention.

On the day I was asked, I met Rav Elia Enrico Richetti in Milan for the conclusion of the process. But when I arrived there the Rav told me that the papers had been sent to the Rabbinical Tribunal in Rome, that for my case that was the competent Tribunal and that there I would have to meet Rav A. Piattelli.

When the time came, in Rome, I arrange an appointment and walked to the Synagogue of the Longtevere to meet Rav A. Piattelli as established.

But there something I did not expect happens.

I was convinced that I had to finish the conversion process, but when I arrived before the Synagogue of Longtevere, I was stopped by a vision of the Archangel Gabriel. He stands before me and says: “You must carry all the Law of Moses, and you must not be under rabbinical law.”

Since that moment, for many years, I have worked and studied to receive everything that today I want to make known to the world. It was a work mainly on the three religious fields: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Today I can say that I would not have been able to carry on HaShem’s will on me if I had indeed entered under rabbinical law.

But now, in a time of difficulty and above all confusion and division in Israel, the time has come to return, even from a purely formal point of view, to be fully part of my people, to be Jewish.

Shalom, Peace be with you