Dream received by Vittorio Malcangi on the night of January 31, 2020

I had a dream where I saw the Morè Carmine Davide and there were a few other people. There were two lines written in Hebrew almost certainly. In these two lines a secret was contained.

There was a war against the leaders of the lower angels, like a final war, and they knew that in those two lines was contained that Secret and they were waiting.

The secret was of this type: the sentence composed of these two lines could be read in a common way and it made sense but the secret was to stop at the first of the two lines, then you had to how to reset everything and then start again; the words had not changed but the meaning of the first line itself. That was the secret.

Then I found myself wanting to describe this dream to the Morè Carmine Davide and I was afraid of it because in the dream I thought that this dream received was something of mine. The Morè tells me that it has to do with the will but I understand that he is not talking about the dream I received. Pino and Vito are there. Pino comes close to me on the right side while I'm like I'm lying on a plane and with a monocle of those used by the jewelers sees me the profile of the nose; it looks like it's all right. Then Pino starts talking about a dream that he received on Trani where the mayor of Trani has to do with it and so on but I interrupt him saying that this is not the dream I want to talk about.

Saturday 01 February 2020

Universal Renewed Synagogue Study Room

Visions during the study of Vittorio Malcangi's dream.

They show in view the Morè Carmine Davide in purple tunic wearing the white tallith. The Morè holds a large Shin letter and then a gold incense. Next to him is a woman wearing a white headgear.

Always in vision, to the left of the Morè Carmine Davide I see a white Angel: he is in the air, he comes from above and with his hands touches the shoulder of the Morè. Then they show the Morè Carmine Davide carrying the Scrolls of the Torah inside a richly embroidered blue velvet case with branches, leaves and flowers in gold with the Jewish letters also embroidered in gold.

They show a purple light that goes to the altar of the House of Avraham and illuminates the Third Corner of the House of Prayer for All Peoples, then illuminates the Star of David. They show a man lying, wrapped in white cloth; the Morè Carmine David bends over him and places his hands on his chest. The Morè while doing this has his head bowed and utters words.

They show a man's hand that looks like a tree: the fingers are like branches and around them there is the head and on the tip of each finger there is a small circle. A great white Angel arrives and goes to the Morè Carmine Davide carrying him the white cane, the Angel holds it horizontally and when he hands it to The Morè I see that the stick is also a sword.

Behind the Morè is Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth. They show hands clasped in prayer. Once again they show in vision the Morè Carmine Davide, wearing a long tunic of light, has in his hands a headband. The Morè raises the crown to heaven, utters phrases, they look like prayers, then puts the crown on his head. I see strong yellow and blue lights. An Angel arrives and brings a stick to the Morè Carmine Davide and establishes it with great authority on the earth.