Yeshua was born in Nazareth on December 19 of the year 3 before C.E. under the Star of the Anointed King.

After birth, the family moved to Betlehem.

His Mission in the Land of Israel lasts approximately 3 years.

After his crucifixion and death, the spirit of Christ guides the students and the whole Mission for about 1990 years, until Christianity was firmly extended to the four corners of the earth.

After the death of Jesus the Star of the Anointed King has been called “Star of Christ”.

The Mission of Jesus is that of HaMaschiach Ben Yoseph and the final purpose of the Mission of Christ is to bring back to the land of Israel the ten Tribes of the Children of Israel, the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, which together with the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin will form the Great Israel.

Isaiah: 53; 11-12

“After the sufferings of his soul he will see the light [The Light of Zerach] and this vision will fill him with joy. The righteous, My servant, with his sufferings will justify multitudes and take their iniquities upon him. Therefore I will apportion him by lot peoples and he will receive infinite peoples as booty, because he poured out his life to death, and was numbered with the transgressors, he who took away the sins of many and became intercessor for the transgressors “.

I, Carmine Davide Delle Donne, affirm that my Mission on earth began in 1990 after seven years of preparation together with the Jews in Milan.

As a circumcised Jew in the Covenant of Abraham our father in the Unicity of God, the Mission of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ opens up in the Christian field against every forms of idolatry.

The Second Coming of the Star of Christ comes by virtue of humility to correct and complete the first Messianic Mission in the hands of Yeshua and give an endless throne to the House of David:

the Shepherd of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, the Anointed Priest of the House of Prayer for All Peoples, the Son of David, …

Correct, in the truth of Yeshua, the Gospels, the Acts, the entire New Testament from the forms of idolatry arising from:

  • John the Baptist’s statement that if God wants He can bring Abraham’s children out of these stones;
  • the birth of Jesus from a virgin
  • the Word that became flesh
  • creation through the Son.

Complete that First Mission finding the souls of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel existing gathered by Divine Will in the Christian Field.

Since 1948, since the formation of the State of Israel, to the year 2020 – that is, seventy-two years – the return of the ten Tribes of Israel to the land of Israel has been completed because today we can say that in the land of Israel all the twelve Tribes, plus the thirteenth, exist.

The Mission of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ which began in 1990 was completed on Shabbat 06 June 2020 – 14 Sivan 5780, 12; 45 Jerusalem time, full moon, and on the same date there is the transition to the New Era under the Star of the Anointed King, the Mission of the Son of David (HaMaschiach Ben David).

I H-YACH MESHCRY EL ZERACH-H SHALOM ה יאק מצזהכרי אל זרח ה שלום in soul body and spirit, enveloped by the Spirit of HaMaschiach Ben David from the Throne of the Glory and Anointed by the Spirit of God the Holy One of Israel Blessed be Him the God of Avraham of Isaac and of Jacob, of Moses, of Elijah the Prophet and of all the Prophets of Israel I declare that HaMaschiach Ben Yoseph and HaMaschiach Ben David are the same person: he completes the First Mission, returns under the Star of the Anointed King and inaugurates the New Mission (The Celestial Delight).

All the events in the history of the Jewish people that have brought suffering, the destruction of the Temple, the dispersion among the nations, the Shoah, all these days that are remembered with bitterness will be transformed into days of Happiness and celebration because God Blessed Be He makes is His people to reborn from their own ashes by the Mission of Celestial Delight.

Isaiah 9, 5-6

For a child has been born to us, a son given to us, and the authority is upon his shoulder, and the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, called his name, “the prince of peace.”

To him who increases the authority, and for peace without end, on David’s throne and on his kingdom, to establish it and to support it with justice and with righteousness; from now and to eternity, the great love of the Lord Tsevaoth shall accomplish this.